1. The year is 1993. Kid so small, soft & sassy everybody probably wanted to carry me at this point but I was always like... "Naah, Nebuchadnezzar Oludhe, talk to my mama first! I don't roll like that...Chill...🧐🙄😈..." Kid is less than a year old but kitambi already showing like WOTAHELL?? 🤣👨‍🎤 I wonder what those people were feeding me. Kid looking like Tinky-Winky the telly-tubby. Who even does that to their own child? God's child in fact! 🤔🥵🤟 Photo-man said 'abujubuju...gimme smile Toto' and kid was like "YUP, I just pooped a gudu one but let's keep thing moving...mama needs family portraits!🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️"

2. The year is a number I've forgotten but it's somewhere on the calendar, teenage years. Christmas Day! Schools closed kids taken to reserf for the holz az-in holidayzz. Holiday with a Z, sound cool with that, yes? 🤩🤣 Baby girl has on her best dress - she'd almost slept with it on but mama's ey…

Not in my house, baby!

I was going through some of the drafts I've had on here and came a cross a post I'd wanted to publish last year but I'm thinking that back then I didn't have the courage to post/re-post an article of such nature. I'm guessing I was maybe afraid of judgement or something close to that. Right now? That ain't me.
This post, is not written by me. I got it from ( and was written by Naomi Susa. The reason why I'm sharing it on here is that there are several points from her post that I deeply agree with - and yes, also relate to. There are some that I'm on the fence about but most, I loved. In case you'd want to read the original post, here goes the link: (Naomi Susa). For those who'd want to continue with it on here, you're welcome to continue.
PS: I'm gonna change the year to read 2019 to avoid confusion, but again - click link for original document! It's a bit harsh but I got some things I learnt to also be bold about in…

I'm gonna miss you...

You know what? I remember it like it was yesterday. 😍❤️

Yes, yesterday because yesterday, like today, is quite fresh in my mind. I got up early that Saturday morning with a deep need for change. I'd been planning in my head how I'd move from a hostel to a SQ but every time I tried to put plans into action, I either lacked the morale to take the first step or just didn't have enough money to do it. This fine, bright sunny Saturday morning things seemed different. I woke up refreshed. I woke up feeling good about life. I woke up feeling like Oprah had been giving me a pep talk in a dream I'd had on Friday night. I woke up ready to take on the world with courage, courage that may be equated to governor Sonko's attempt to spit some 'Kenyarra' & 'Nairobi Cirry' vibes at the almost concluded Blue Economy Conference. "That first step? I am going to take it today. Best believe it!" I said out loud, to myself.

Line Saba was …

Happy Girl!

I am a happy girl today - I have been for a while now! Here's why: 💪

You see how people say "From my mouth to God's ears", that could never have been me for sometime! I felt for a long time that things I said, prayers I directed to Him, all just went unanswered. I felt like he didn't care at all, plus also the famous phrase, 'He has three answers - Yes, No, Wait.' weren't doing anything for me. I was just always getting a resounding No. Every time I tried talking to Him, I'd picture that this was how our conversation went:

Me: Dear God, I'm just so tired of putting in work where I'm not appreciated for my input. Please open a door for me?!😭😭 

God: Nah, not you 🚫. What else you gat?🤔🤔 

Me: But I called you DEAR!!! I don't call people that! 😞😲...Okay, Please go ahead of me and especially send favor my way in that appraisal meeting kesho

God: Ooooooh wait, didn't I tell you that the company is probably downsizing…

Speak Up?!...

'Can you all hear what she is saying?"
"Noooo!" the class retorted, jokingly. 
"My assumption is that you have all thoroughly done your research, prepared well and now ready to convey to us - your audience - a well thought our presentation, right?" All three of us gave a synchronized nod in response to the Lecturer's remark.
"Good. Now, speak up!"
****************** There's introverts - cool, calm, collected and then there's extroverts - the opposites of all that. I read on the internet(s) that you can be both, but one will somehow  override the other.  On the extreme, I'm extroverted - I'm as lively as they come. Right now I can say that I am socially confident but I cannot say the same for my years pre-campus. A former colleague once told me that I'm unapproachable. "Who? Me? How now? Are you for real-z?" I asked her with my big eyes wide open in disbelief.  I took to Google to find out what that word meant i…


Let's take a quick trip down memory lane, shall we?😎
We can talk about the thrill that came with the day that you malizad the 5 exams and speak of the many lame promises that you and your then classmates made to each other. "Aki we will be friends forever." , "We will go to Kenyatta University and live in one hostel 😲!" ...."Imagine we're now adults?! Katumbo, ebu just imayyyin..🤔🤔" .."Unajua ati university huwa mtu anaenda class akijiskia??..." Ooh the excitement! The joy of walking straight into 'adulthood' like you'd owned it since Kenya's Independence in 1963! The naivety that surrounded that moment! Sigh!
How were your results relayed to you? Were you among those that were at the school gate, eager to read direct from the scripts in the Head teacher's office immediately the gate was opened? Were you among those that looked from afar because ''Aaaah, mimi sipendi kimbelembele...I already know kenye nime…

The ending will shock you...

Today I learnt a new word. 
Bar Mitzvah.
Kevo sometimes casually throws 'heavy' words while texting assuming I'm a graduate of one of the eight ivy league universities. I'm thinking Harvard, where the uncle to my friend's sister studied Law? Read, Obamizzy from Kogelizzy. The texting might just be about memes and recent weather patterns then Kevo drops a word that leaves me concerned about my ability to retain knowledge. Like, how daft I'm I? But I then realize that this thing called English is for the colonizers and our forefathers fought a good fight, ikabaki story. In such times, my mind, my beautiful mind, my atoti jaber mind reminds me that the Kapenguria Six were not arrested and detained in their fight for freedom for a girl, born of traditional folks from Kanyamkago - Suna, Migori to one day wake up and use words like pandemonium & irregardless in a sentence!  Such disrespect! 
"We were walking down the river to fetch water when Odhiambo pandem…