Nyayo House - finale

Yes, 50 years later ... here comes the finale, smh.
I got to Ambassadeur and asked the passengers who were alighting waniitie makanga. Akakam akanifungulia seat-belt. That meant that I had to walk all the way to Nyayo House. I rushed past Mama Ngina Street, then via Bruce House & Cardinal Otunga Hse  sides through to my destination. I got there at exactly 6am. Nikipita hapo Cardinal Otunga ile bell ya Basilica ndio ilikuwa inaring. I was lucky enough to find people queuing outside as the gates had just been opened. "This is a good sign." I told myself. I got lucky this time and got number 117, looks bad but trust me this is a good number at Nyayo Hse.
This time round I made sure that all my documents were in good shape. Things went pretty smooth and I'm glad I carried all items needed this time. The intention was to finish everything on that particular day so that even if I have to wait for 4 months for the passport, all would still be well. The lot that sat on the…

Ati kuliendaje? (Nyayo House) - Day 2

Are you a believer? Like do you deep down believe that there's a higher power that's constantly on your corner, rooting for you, always clapping when you win and shows up for you when in need? I believe in many things and that's among them. Yaani, mi najua tu God yuko na napenda kuimagine ni kama beshte mtrue na very close to me, I don't imagine him to be this giant everybody fears and bows to when he barks. Ni mse hucheck up on me, hubambika nikibambika, hucheka stuff nadu and pia huniguide kila time nago astray hapa pale. I just don't associate with him how society wants me to associate with him, we're just different like that and I love it. So kuna venye alikam through sana hii day 2.
In case haukusoma Day 1, ndio hii hapa - (DAY ONE)

Nakumbuka after niliambiwa niende nikam na hio certificate, I was so heart-broken why lie. Things like those are among some of the issues you go through and wish that you can just make a call to your mum and ask her "Mumm…

Ati kuliendaje? (Nyayo House) - Day 1

So nlisema na du better hii mwaka. Sa ju ya hio story I woke up one morning in January and decided, out of the blues, that I was gonna apply for a passport. Not that I had travel plans or anything, this was me deciding to put my faith into action, that something aligned to going abroad - or just within Africa - will one day come up. A girl can dream, yeah? Other than that, there's a friend who'd consistently been on my neck about this thing and even offered to pay. When that money ingiad my Mpesa, it mysteriously disappeared. Niliikula. I kulad it good , you guy! So yeah, the guilt worked me up, I decided it was time I took my greetings & needy self to the main house- the dreaded house - Nyayo House. 
Here's how things went.

Before planning the trip, lazima ufill the necessary application form on e-citizen at the immigration section from your account, a process which I find extremely convenient. I wonder what used to happen before ecitizen was a thing. You're guid…

Taking Stock

'Do Better'
Every year I have a slogan that I come up with that guides and keeps me in check throughout the year. I have the phrase on my screen savers, phone and laptop. In 2018, I had 'positive vibes only', this year my catch phrase is 'do better'. The reason I chose this phrase is because I've made mistakes that I don't want to ever repeat. I acknowledge them but haven't let them define who I am and who I get to be. 'Do better' means I forgive myself, pick a lesson and welcome gradual personal growth. Today I take stock in the most open, vulnerable and honest ways possible to me.
Having a pretty high drive for working out lately. I love when my body is active. Spending time on a field running is among some of my best life moments! Other than it being a healing process, it's taste is like that of cold water flowing down your throat after a hectic hike or aimless walk on a desert - refreshing! I enrolled in a gym late last year but I onl…

This English Langauge - My journey

This English language.

On January 15th 2014, I put on here my first post. Little did I know that this was going to turn into a nest, that I would come to love and occasionally drop thoughts onto. At the beginning, I wouldn't have said that I loved writing. I was in campus then, still figuring what i was about. I didn't even have the English to begin with. I didn't grow up in an environment where English, proper English,was used to communicate. Even in schools that I went to, primary & high school, we had to practically be forced to speak in English in an attempt to boost our grades and also manage to articulate words when addressing a teacher. It was a norm to see fellow classmates wearing the 'disk' around their necks as punishment for speaking in Swahili. My dad was a teacher and a Call Centre Operator at the same time. These, he did in a Medical Training Institute. My mother on the other hand was a housewife but through my dad's aggressive teacher attit…

Lets do better (sex & consent)

Lately, there has been an ongoing conversation about sex and consent. A conversation that hasn't been had in a long time. A conversation that sparks comments, both negative and positive. This conversation has been lingering on people's minds but the courage to bring it to a public arena for discussion is what has been and still is lacking. The conversation surrounds sex, a vital part of our life that some people still feel weird talking loud about. One of the skills that I'm trying to acquire is the ability to communicate, clearly and with no fear. It's because of this that such bold conversations really do interest me and I agree 100% that they should be had.
I watched the recently released Surviving R. Kelly documentary series and just like many others, I couldn't believe what I was hearing and seeing. He has power and influence, the percentage of people who believed the victims was close to zero and even if there were people who did, they had no voice to reach …

What a day!

The following events took place on Monday 5th February, 2019:
Today's really been a funny  day for me asweya 😂😂😂

1st my katweet went viral & the comments are hilarious!!!😂😂 (viral tweet)

2nd I request uber boda from job halafu napigia huyo mse coz map inaonesha ako around...kushika akaniambia ako Parklands 😂😂😂😂😂 Nimecheka aki.

3rd. Sasa yenye ilikam nikavaa reflector nimeshuka nikaanza kuenda nayo. 😂😂 "Madam nguo yangu usiende nayo" 😂😂😂😂😂
4th nlikuwa tu na mia kwa bag sa nkamlipa akaenda. So since hawaingiagi tao akaniwacha GPO roundabout saa lazima nitafute mpesa nitoe mbesha

5th Mpesa nimetembea nikapata ya hapo Standard Hse. Kutoa pesa wanasema message yangu haijaingia kwao na kwa simu yangu mi nishapata . Anaah baba comes akatoa yake ikafikambele yangu as ikabidi ningoje  😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kufika Archive hapo tunachukulianga nganya, nganya haziko na zikikam zinalipisha 150😂😂😂...hawa watu hutubeba mandazi sana, mimi nilipe 150? …